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Recipe: One Pan Pasta with a pan from the Cyril Lignac range

Normally you could not escape the trend of One Pan Pasta but if this is the case here is a quick definition: One Pan Pasta or One Pot Pasta is a recipe for pasta in which the latter, necessarily dry, are cooked with the sauce. The main idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis dish is to use only one pan for the whole realization of the recipe.
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In this designer bathroom: 5 ideas to remember

Out of inspiration when decorating your brand new bathroom? Do not panic, the editorial team fell for this bathroom as zen as design and gives you its 5 favorites and decorating tips. What inspire you and help you to arrange your space of relaxation with taste. Idea n ° 1: fit out a small ultra decorative stage In this bathroom, it is first of all the 3 elegant steps in light wood that made us crack.
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Comments, the new start-up that wants to democratize interior architecture

When we start renovating our house, we can already imagine the many complications related to the work and everything that follows. But that was without counting on, a platform for connecting architects and individuals or professionals. Behind this ultra practical site, two students from ESCP (the oldest business school in the world), freshly graduated, with nevertheless a lot of experience.
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4 grandma's tips to remove tea stains from dishes

Tea lovers have surely already been confronted with this problem: their cup stained with theine which forms a large brown mark inside. Only problem: the dishwasher and the sponge with washing up liquid are not enough to remove them! To help you find mugs like new, the editorial staff offers you 4 easy-to-carry grandmother tips.
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Ikea installs a 100m2 apartment vertically in Clermont Ferrand

To celebrate, as it should be, the opening of its thirtieth store in Clermont-Ferrand, Ikea and the agency Uni Bene have erected a designer climbing wall entirely furnished with furniture and accessories from the Swedish brand. A wall to discover Place de la Victoire until September 14! The first apartment to climb Imagine yourself evolving on a climbing wall 9 meters high and 10 meters wide entirely staged with the furniture of the Swedish giant.
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