Aluminum window: how to renovate it?

Aluminum window: how to renovate it?

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The world of windows is made up of 3 main families: wood, PVC and aluminum. Nowadays, aluminum windows are very popular with individuals, because they are both insulating and elegant. They also remain fairly easy to renovate and do not necessarily require the intervention of a professional. Find more articles on the theme: Quotation for window installation works

Install aluminum windows under renovation

Aluminum is a material that is perfectly suited for renovation. Indeed, it can be combined with any type of architecture and can be infinitely available, in terms of colors and shapes. You can thus install new aluminum windows in a decor from the oldest to the most modern.

Renovating windows made of aluminum: 2 installation techniques

It is possible to choose between two installation techniques when it comes to renovating windows made of aluminum. The most commonly used method is installation on an existing frame, but renovation with total removal has many more advantages. The renovation poses on existing frame By opting for this renovation technique, the fixed part of your window, which is the frame, will be preserved. This will be used as a support and will be used to accommodate the new aluminum window. The installation on existing frame is an effective and clever solution. It is also an inexpensive intervention since it does not require major work. It will therefore not be necessary to touch the masonry. This type of intervention should only be carried out on a perfectly solid and healthy support. The main weak point of this method is that it does not allow to benefit from a gain in glazing. Indeed, the measurements of the glazed space will be similar, even less, compared to the old dimensions. However, if your window frame is too worn, the only effective solution will be to consider a complete removal. Total removal renovation To renovate an aluminum window that has been completely removed, it will be necessary to remove the entire old wooden frame and replace it with a new one. In order to perform this intervention, you will need more materials and labor, which can increase the cost of the renovation. However, this is a relatively easy operation. The technique of total removal is an operation which guarantees a more solid fixing of the window, compared to an installation on a frame. You will also benefit from an increased luminosity, because the glazed space will be larger than on the old installation. By opting for thin profiles, you will gain up to 15 to 20% of glazed space, for the striking models, which are also the most efficient models. Since there will be no junction to install between an old window and a new one, you will not suffer any acoustic or thermal loss. Finally, thanks to the reduction of the "cold wall" effect, you will benefit from improved sealing and comfort.