Showering a houseplant

Showering a houseplant

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Indoor plants bring life and a touch of decoration to the house. It is therefore our duty to maintain them well. A houseplant should be hydrated and dusted regularly. To do this, several gardening techniques exist, including the shower. To find out more, we went to Gamm vert where Sylvie took some time to answer our questions.

Is it essential to shower a plant?

For many green plants, the shower is highly recommended. This gardening technique is not only used to hydrate a plant, it is also and above all to dust it. Our indoor plants, like our decorative objects, accumulate dust and this can be dangerous. Dust can interfere with photosynthesis. Green plants then lose their beautiful color and their lifespan is significantly shortened.

Are all plants affected by the shower?

Yes and no. It is obvious that one does not shower a cactus or an orchid. Showers are for all leafy plants that take much more dust. You should know that many indoor plants sold in garden centers are exotic plants. This is the case of Areca, Spathiphyllum, Yucca, Kentia, Dieffenbachia, Ficus, Zamioculcas, etc. Some of these plants even come from tropical regions, so they love the warmth of our interiors and the humidity.

How to shower a houseplant?

To shower an indoor plant, it must be placed in the shower or in the bathtub. Then turn on the jet and adjust the water temperature. It should be warm, between 25 and 30 ° C. Water the outer leaves and then the hidden ones. Finish by watering the stems or trunk and pot to dislodge any parasites. If you have plants with large leaves, do not hesitate to wipe with a sponge in order to remove all the dust. Let your plant drip and replace it.

How often to shower a houseplant?

An indoor plant should be showered twice a month. If you have tropical plants or if you place your plants near a heat source such as the radiator, shower them 3 times a month. Between showers, make sure your plants are well hydrated and properly potted. Use a mist sprayer to hydrate larger plants.