Which tomatoes to grow in the garden?

Which tomatoes to grow in the garden?

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Tired of tasteless tomatoes that occupy stalls in supermarkets? What if, this year, you grow your own tomatoes? These come from Latin America and come in many varieties. They all have a different taste, texture and sometimes functionality. To help you make the right choice and grow your tomatoes well, we went to the Jardin de l'Avenir in Anjou. This farm offers organic vegetables in free picking or in their small shop, as well as many local products all organic and delicious. There, we met Nicolas, who answered our questions.

Can we grow all varieties of tomatoes?

Of course, you can grow cherry tomatoes, beef heart tomatoes, elongated tomatoes, colored tomatoes or just classic tomatoes which have mostly been biologically modified.

Where to place the tomatoes in the garden?

If you live in the south of France, in a warm region, tomatoes are to be planted in a sunny area of ​​the garden, in the ground. If this is not your case, you should favor cultivation under shelter or in a greenhouse. Only pineapple tomatoes and elongated tomatoes, such as the Cornue des Andes or Roma, are grown outdoors throughout France.

When to plant your tomatoes?

Between March and May, it's time to plant the tomatoes. Some varieties adapt very well to mid-season, such as elongated tomatoes. Pineapple tomatoes are harvested at the end of summer. All other tomatoes are grown in the hot season.

How to plant tomatoes?

Whether in the vegetable patch or under cover, tomatoes are planted in the ground. Place your plants 50 cm from each other. Tomato plants should be transplanted at the end of the frosts, when each plant has at least 5 leaves. If your tomatoes are not under shelter, plan tutors.

How to properly use tomatoes from the garden?

Once fully ripe, the tomatoes can be harvested. Cherry tomatoes are perfect as an aperitif or to make cooked or raw kebabs. Beef heart tomatoes are very tasty. Their flesh is firm, so these are the perfect tomatoes for salads or to make stuffed vegetables. Colored tomatoes are used to decorate plates and buffets. They can also make salads. The elongated tomatoes like the Cornue des Andes or Roma are perfect for coulis and salads.

How to store tomatoes?

Once harvested, the tomatoes should be eaten quickly. You can keep them by making jars of tomato wedges or tomato coulis. It is also possible to freeze tomatoes. To do this, cut them into quarters or dice and place them in freezer bags or in suitable boxes.