Ototo, creator of smiles

Ototo, creator of smiles

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Behind the stoves, utensils easily take up space and can quickly clutter up the space. Any cook will tell you, there is nothing worse than an overloaded worktop! This is why the Ototo brand had the brilliant idea of ​​diverting everyday objects to bring a touch of humor and a good dose of originality in the kitchen!

When dreams invade everyday life

At the origin of the brand, two thinking heads from a school of art and design in Tel Aviv, Ori Saidi and Daniel Gassner. From their friendship, a concept will be born, Ototo, which means "at any time" in Hebrew. For the two entrepreneurs, an idea can happen at any minute, and it should not be let go! For this, the two acolytes are in perpetual search for innovations, both in the shower and in traffic jams! And to make their dreams come true, they have worked hand in hand since 2004. The brand's leitmotif? Make original ideas a useful object!

Colorful objects that make you want to cook!

Ototo is a clever mix of good humor, poetry and pop colors! Among the brand's flagship objects, there is a dinosaur-shaped ladle, an arrow dedicated to emptying the inside of the apples, a flower which allows a pan to be opened on the fire, or even small umbrellas or a submarine as teaspoons! So many utensils and small poetic objects, which will sublimate your kitchen! To get them, nothing could be simpler, Ototo distributes them all over the world from its website. Products are also available in a limited edition, such as the rainbow highlighters, a salad bowl in the shape of a football stadium, or even a salt and pepper shaker converted into space rockets!

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