Charlie Crane, a new designer furniture designer for children

Charlie Crane, a new designer furniture designer for children

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Inspired by the minimalism of the Scandinavian lines of the 1950s and 1960s, Charlie Crane gave birth to pieces of furniture for babies and children that will charm parents who love refined kids' decor. Between elegant design, soft colors and modularity capable of accompanying toddlers throughout their growth, the models designed by Charlie Crane definitely have everything to please!

Charlie Crane combines comfort and functionality with meticulous aesthetics

More than practical and comfortable children's furniture, Charlie Crane wanted to imagine models with a resolutely contemporary aesthetic. How? 'Or' What ? By letting the desires and the know-how of the new generation of French designers express themselves. The result: furniture that combines technical excellence with Nordic-inspired design, among others. Something to integrate into your interior decoration to enhance it better.

Meet Levo, Noga and Tibu

Charlie Crane likes to surround himself with young French creators to design pieces that combine comfort and aesthetics, in natural materials. Thus the first born of the Charlie Crane family, the Levo deckchair (from 189 euros) and the Noga changing table (420 euros), were created by the Arca workshop, composed of a duo of young cabinetmakers Steven Leprizé and Erick Demeyer. If other collaborations are already planned (in particular with the French design studio Re-Do) know that a new member has already joined the tribe: Tibu, a scalable high chair from 6 months up to 8 years (269 euros) complemented by pretty cushions at 59 euros per pair. Made in the European Union and meeting the safety standards in force, Levo, Noga and Tibu offer a beautiful natural wood finish with ergonomics designed to make life easier for babies and their parents.
Charlie Crane is already on sale on many sites dedicated to kids' decoration, and is also distributed in a few stores in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. For more information, visit