DIY wedding: bags for homemade sugared almonds

DIY wedding: bags for homemade sugared almonds

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Are you looking for a nice presentation for small gifts to guests at your wedding? The small homemade bag that here can carry pretty presents or even your sugared almonds and other delicacies that you will like to offer to your hosts. The basis of folding is very simple, it is up to you to imagine what finishes you could bring to these mini-bags to make them even more attractive. I give you, for my part, an idea of ​​closure with a ribbon and a small doily, a chic and romantic presentation! (You can also refer to the previous DIY concerning the manufacture of homemade paper placemats) To make these small bags, you will need: - a rectangle of paper 15 x 30 cm per bag. In terms of the thickness of the paper, it's up to you to see what you prefer and depending on what you are going to put in these bags: light paper for a "kraft" effect or scrapbooking paper for a more cardboard effect. - a folding board (optional) - a ruler - a pencil - a pair of scissors - a hole punch - glue - a ribbon, cotton thread or Baker's twine twine For the small closing doily: - thin paper, square format (about 9 x 9 cm)


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