How to install a bathtub wall?

How to install a bathtub wall?

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Do you have a nice bathtub and love to take baths and often showers, but do you have less pleasure in having to clean up the splashes all over the room each time? It would be a shame to camouflage your bathtub with a curtain which, moreover, is not always effective. Why not opt ​​for a bathtub wall? Discover all the steps to install your screen with ease. Find more articles on the theme: Quote work for a bathroom creation or renovation

Bathtub wall installation: prepare your material

Several wall models are available on the market. The most common being those with profiles, this article discusses installation. However, hinged screens do not differ too much in their installation. In all cases, it is essential to have the manual for your model in order to check any product-specific user and safety instructions. You don't need sophisticated equipment to install a profile bathtub screen. All you need is a hammer drill, putty, screws, a screwdriver and concrete plugs. Also plan to mark the location of the screws and possibly a bubble level to perfect the inclination of the elements to be fixed. You're ready!

Bathtub wall installation: fix the rail

Locate the profile that will support the entire bath screen, and place it vertically against the wall. If necessary, use the level to adjust its position. Once the rail is in place, mark the location for the screws, then remove it. Use the drill to make the holes corresponding to the marks. If you operate on tiling, put adhesive tape on the holes to be drilled beforehand so as not to damage it inadvertently. Then switch on the drill without impact and at minimum speed until reaching the concrete layer. If only a part is covered by mosaic, you can compensate for the difference in level with a set of shims. When you have finished drilling, place the dowels in the holes. Spread a strip of silicone sealant on the back of the rail and glue the rail against the wall, making sure to match the holes. Finally, finish fixing by inserting the screws.

Bathtub wall installation: install the leaf

Carefully insert the wall into the profile until the screw locations coincide. Insert these without turning them completely to be able to adjust the position. You may need a third person or a wedge to make sure the screen is horizontal. Tighten the lateral fixing screws and lastly put the seals under the bath screen.

Enjoy your bath screen!

To ensure a good seal of the assembly, apply a thread of sanitary putty on both sides of the rail, at the junction with the wall. You will need to wait a minimum of 24 hours before you can use your bathtub, but the result is worth it. Indeed, more than a utility object, your new bathtub wall is a decorative trend apart which protects your bathroom while enhancing its design.