A chic and inexpensive towel rack for my bathroom

A chic and inexpensive towel rack for my bathroom

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An essential accessory in the bathroom, the towel holder is available in all styles, but it can also adapt to all budgets, even the smallest. Here is an overview of the models to get for less than 50 euros! What do all these models have in common? Their prices remain affordable. Everyone will thus find the model adapted to the style of their bathroom while saving space. The towel rail is the decorative detail that can make the difference in this room. So we keep in mind these watchwords: aesthetic, practical and cheap!

Wooden ladder, Tikamoon, 38 euros

Is your bathroom decor a hymn to nature? Adopt the wooden towel rack! Like the photo just below, the bamboo imitation ladder shape is very fashionable.

Towel rack to hang on the door, Urban Outfitters, 29 euros

This metal towel rack is a clever mix of classic and modern style. It was designed in the color of the moment: copper. Just hang it on a door then hang your towels and voila! Thanks to this option, space saving guaranteed and no need to take out the drill!

Swivel towel rack with 4 arms, Ikea, 12 euros

This wall mounted stainless steel towel rack swivels and flips back and forth. Its 4 articulated arms make it a functional object and its design brings an industrial touch to the decor.

Towel rack with 5 hooks, Ikea, 17.95 euros

If your bathroom is very small, prefer the wall bar version and its hooks to hang your towels! This option is the most functional, because your towel rack will easily find its place against a wall without cluttering the space. Guaranteed optimization!