Power tools to maintain the garden

Power tools to maintain the garden

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Cutting, pruning or cleaning in your garden is no longer a chore thanks to power tools. Increasingly efficient, cordless, ergonomic, light and fitted with security systems, garden tools are becoming more popular to reach all audiences. Discover our selection of state-of-the-art power tools for the garden!

Tools for your garden

Edge trimming, hedge trimmers and even chainsaws are no longer the prerogative of professionals thanks to their ergonomics and their increasingly lighter weight. A simplicity of use which allows even novices to give their garden a clean and landscaped appearance. Among the essential tools for the maintenance of your garden and which will be much more efficient in an electric version, we will find the brushcutter, ideal for eliminating tall grass but also weeds on the edge of or around your beds and shrubs, the blower that will allow you to gather the leaves and other plants that you want to eliminate, the lawn shears for optimal maintenance of your lawns, the hedge trimmer and the hedge trimmer for bushes and hedges worthy of the Palace of Versailles…

How to choose your power tools

To choose your tool, do not hesitate to try its handling because it will be the best way to know if it is right for you. Test its maneuverability and lightness. Regarding the technical choice, be aware that the higher the watts, the more your device will perform. Finally, for optimal comfort, you can also opt for cordless power tools but it will then be necessary to check the autonomy so that it is at best compatible with the area of ​​your garden to avoid recharging during work.
1. Thermal mower 199 euros at Leroy Merlin / 2. Thermal brush cutter 199 euros at Le Jardin de Catherine / 3. 4-stroke thermal blower 289 euros at Mister DIY / 4. Mac Allister electric hoeing machine 149 euros at Castorama / 5. Size -Makita grass trimmer (1 battery) 108 euros at Master Outillage / 6. Electric hedge trimmer 99 euros at Habitat and Garden / 7. Hedge trimmer + MAKITA Grass trimmer kit 171.60 euros at Bati Avenue / 8. Silex chainsaw ® 109 euros at Silex France / 9. High pressure cleaner KARCHER K4 Compact 159 euros at Castorama