I'm new to gardening: what are the mistakes to avoid?

I'm new to gardening: what are the mistakes to avoid?

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Vegetables, flowers, aromatic plants: having a garden requires a little logic and a lot of patience. But when you start gardening, you sometimes come up against the insubordination of Mother Nature, the difficult choice of plant varieties as much as that of the care they need. To help you create your garden in good conditions, we have reviewed the five most common gardening mistakes thanks to Charly de Jardiland.

Mistake # 1: I plant out of season

Charly: No one can force nature! Plants have their own way of working, and their planting must be closely linked to climatic conditions. One plant may not tolerate being planted in cold weather while another will refuse to take in summer. For annuals like red verbena, petunia, mignardise carnation or zonal geranium, you have to wait until the sun has warmed the earth in early spring before planting or sowing them. Respecting the planting season is a sine qua non condition for a successful garden, be it the vegetable patch, the orchard or the pleasure garden. Always have a gardener's calendar on hand, ideal for planning sowing and planting.

Mistake # 2: I plant my plants anywhere

Charly: To succeed in planting, it is as important to be interested beforehand in the nature of the soil as in the season. Some plants only develop in acidic soil like camellia, azalea or even hydrangea while others do not grow there. A limestone soil will appeal to rockeries, lilacs, a vine or even tomatoes and carrots.

Mistake # 3: I water when I have time

Charly: The mistake often made by beginners in gardening concerns watering, which they distribute too generously for this task to come back less often. Result: the plants rot. On the contrary, we recommend moderate but more regular watering. All the more attention must be paid to potted plants. But whether in the garden or on the terrace, plants need more water in summer due to the heat, and they may suffer from having been watered just before a frost.

Mistake # 4: I fertilize the soil at any time

Charly: We don't distribute a fertilizer to plants until it's necessary. This is why we must take into account the specific needs of each species but also its growth stage. Beginners in gardening tend to give too much nitrogen so that they unbalance the soil. They are then discouraged because they get the opposite of what they wanted. Their orchard is poor in fruit, their pleasure garden poor in flowers. The same goes for potted plants: a method of cultivation which exposes plants even more seriously to deficiencies in mineral salts.

Error N ° 5: I multiply the varieties of plants in my garden

Charly: It is tempting to multiply the plant species to enjoy a profusion of colors, fruits and vegetables. After the infatuation of the first days, the neophyte risks realizing quickly his error: piled up, the plants develop badly, some perish. Before choosing your plants, you must ask yourself what place you have but also how important each plant will become in adulthood. This applies to flowering plants, vegetable plants as well as trees.