Choosing the right shower column

Choosing the right shower column

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Whether you are tackling the renovation of your bathroom or thinking about making some changes to your shower, you most certainly want to install a beautiful shower column, much more practical and aesthetic. Before you get started, here's what you need to know about these tempting shower columns. A shower column is a fixed column placed on the front or at an angle in a shower space. It incorporates a mixer, a hand-held shower head, a hose as well as a overhead shower head and can also offer a hydromassage function. One in five, practical and aesthetic!

What material for my shower column?

In terms of comfort and aesthetics, you have the choice. Certain materials such as aluminum or glass will bring an undeniable decorative touch but they require meticulous maintenance because of the limestone. If you are afraid of heavy household chores, turn to the shower columns made of ABS plastic, resistant and easy to clean. There are also wood finishes but these will quickly be expensive.

At Grohe, we can clearly see the aesthetic gain of a shower column: simplicity and feeling of an airy bathroom - all the more with a walk-in shower!

A hydromassage shower column?

To discover all the benefits of a shower column, you opt for a hydromassage shower which allows you to enjoy a massage on certain parts of the body thanks to nozzles - water jets, not birds - adjustable and controllable. Be aware however that hydromassage is not recommended with walk-in showers because the evacuation may be overloaded by the flow.

The Grohe shower column model Euphoria plays the square and high technology with a thermostatic mixer, with blocking at 38 ° C to avoid burns

Shower column, flow and installation

The first good news is that the shower column, provided it is placed in an existing cabin, does not need any plumbing modifications. It is enough to make the connection between the water supply and the shower column. Regarding the hot water supply, only the instantaneous water heater is not recommended, even if certain models are provided in this case. It is also necessary to ensure that the pressure is sufficient - failing this, you will be unable to operate several functions at the same time -: a minimum of 2 bars is recommended, 3 bars being more comfortable. Be careful however, the best is the enemy of the good: if the pressure approaches 5 bars, install a pressure reducer.