I tested for you: the Kobold robot vacuum cleaner

I tested for you: the Kobold robot vacuum cleaner

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A vacuum cleaner that cleans the house without any manipulation? This is tempting! When I was offered to test the latest addition to the Vorwerk brand (which is also behind the famous food processor Thermomix), I jumped at the opportunity to find out a little more. Called Kobold VR200, this new generation robot vacuum cleaner moves in perfect autonomy, according to a logical course. It cleans floors and carpets in depth, squeezes under the lowest furniture and in every corner of the house.

Load first!

The new Kobold robot vacuum has been designed for the most comfortable everyday use. It turns on with a simple press on the start button, and its options - displayed on a small digital screen - can be chosen in a jiffy: a first good point that will appeal to reluctant people to "all-electronic". Before its first use, the vacuum cleaner must be charged by being in contact for about an hour with a charging station plugged into an electrical outlet.

The start-up

Once loaded, it is started by pressing the start button after choosing the cleaning option (single room or the whole house).

Smart sensors

The first observations are very positive: thanks to its unique D shape and its new sensor to get as close as possible to the edges, the vacuum cleaner begins by following all the walls and corners of the room, before continuing its journey through the center. Its 14 ultrasonic sensors detect 98% of the obstacles encountered and with great care bypass the furniture and objects it encounters. In terms of noise, I found it much quieter than its colleagues, without losing its suction power (the traces of the brush on the carpet are proof!).

Watch out for fabrics!

Another positive point, the Kobold easily crosses the level differences between rooms, such as the slightly raised tiling for example. On the other hand, it is necessary to put aside carpets that do not have a non-slip base because the brush tends to suck up the fabric, thus blocking the vacuum cleaner. For cleaning under the bed or the seats, also remember to lift the fabrics close to the floor, such as a box spring cover or chair cover, because the vacuum cleaner will bypass them.

The autonomy of the Vorwerk vacuum cleaner is approximately 90 minutes. When its battery is too low, it returns to recharge itself on contact with the station. As for its maintenance, it is as simple as its use: when the dust bin is full, the robot displays a message on the screen; it then suffices to vacuum the contents of the dust container or empty it manually. It is clear that after two days, I can not do without! It is extremely comfortable to leave your home knowing that the house will be impeccable when you return, especially when you have a pet or small children. I even use it while working at my desk as it is silent! I admit that I completely succumbed to the quality "made in Germany" and to the pleasure of no longer having to vacuum the floors of my house. The Kobold VR200 is sold at a price of € 749, available via home sales or on the online store: