Cool pools at affordable prices

Cool pools at affordable prices

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If private pools are often a decision of the heart, they can also be those of reason. No need to invest all your savings to afford a beautiful swimming pool! The models available today indeed combine aesthetics, style and low prices ... Follow the guide!

An asset for his property

Private swimming pools respond to new trends in French life linked to well-being and conviviality, but also to optimizing the value of their real estate heritage, at least as far as underground swimming pools are concerned. A swimming pool can indeed increase the value of a house by up to 20% while facilitating the resale to a potential buyer. For an identical house, between the one equipped with a swimming pool and the one that is not, the price difference almost always exceeds the cost of building the basin. Indeed, the swimming pool is a very popular component of individuals, and especially families: when the weather allows it, it is much more pleasant to enjoy its own pool, even small, rather than the municipal swimming pool, especially if the budget vacation is reduced.

France, champion of pool enthusiasts!

Combined with form and tone, swimming pools are also a wellness investment. Swimming, water aerobics or even balneotherapy at home are good for the body and the mind. Finally, the private pools are also guarantees of conviviality, bringing together family and friends. In just over ten years, the number of private swimming pools has increased 2.3-fold, from 708,000 pools in 2000 to 1,675,680 in 2012, an annual increase of around 15%. This strong growth has placed the French market in 2nd place in the world after the United States: this represents 680 swimming pools sold every day in France! It must be said that there are now models for all tastes, even for all whims, and in a very wide price range: from a few hundred euros for a small above-ground swimming pool bought in hypermarkets up to one hundred thousand euros for the most demanding individuals.
1. Niolon pool 9071 € Pool generation / 2. Devenson pool 9462 € Pool generation / 3. Inground pool kit 4490 € Bath & Comfort / 4. Tropic Octo wooden pool + 3120 € Piscineo / 5. Weva Octo inground wooden pool 3700 € Piscineo