Tutorial: a giraffe in Décopatch!

Tutorial: a giraffe in Décopatch!

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Do you want to discover the Decopatch technique? That's good, we offer you a step by step tutorial for a complete realization with our partner Decopatch !


You will need: - 5 Decopatch sheets: numbers 429 - 654 - 657 - 658 - 668 - paint brushes - PaperPatch 600g glue-varnish - Aquapro Satin 180ml sealer - the giraffe to mount All the material is to be won by playing our Decopatch contest!


1. Start by mounting and consolidating the giraffe with Decopatch glue.
2. Then apply a thin layer of varnish-glue on the surface to be glued (not on the entire surface, only where to put the piece of paper). Then using the glued brush, apply the paper. Pass "below" and "above" the paper for collage. Do not hesitate to press hard on the brush so that the paper "fits" the surface of your object perfectly.
3. Continue in this way, slightly overlapping the pieces of paper in order to completely and uniformly cover your object. Once the technique is acquired, give free rein to your ideas! You can also cut your paper into strips, mix, cut out patterns, etc.


And now, your giraffe is finished! It will make a great decoration in your living room or a perfect DIY gift!
And to win lots of products to make all your DIY, don't forget to play our Decopatch contest!