I customize my gift packages

I customize my gift packages

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At D-11, your Christmas shopping must already be well underway! It's time to pack it all up so that curious eyes don't fall on it… But you want something a little more personal than the endless chubby Santa Claus gift wrap? The editorial offers two DIY and cute alternatives like everything. Duration: 30 minutes Cost: around 10 € of supplies - partly reusable


You will need: 1. For the pompom version: - wool - a piece of cardboard packaging - scissors - a pencil - a cup or a glass to draw circles2. For the stamp version: - kraft paper - we chose a white version, choose the color you like! - a potato - paint - a knife - watch out for little fingers

The steps of the pompom

1. Start by drawing two circles on the cardboard using your cup.
2. Cut them out, hollow out the center.
3. Superimpose your two circles and tie the wool around the circle, then wrap until all the cardboard is covered.
4. Spread the wool a little, place your scissors between the two circles then cut.
5. Pass a wire - which is then long enough to surround your gift package - between the two cardboard circles, tie a knot and then remove the boxes by tearing them apart.
6. Then cut the small pieces of wool that protrude so that your pompom is regular and surround your package!

The stages of stamped paper

1. Cut your potato in half.
2. Draw the shape of your stamp with the tip of your knife - go about 1 cm deep.
3. Carefully cut off the excess potato pieces on the sides - be careful not to cut too much.
4. Here's your stamp!
5. Pour some paint on a paper plate.
6. Dip your tampon and dab!


We have a nice tassel on one side and a non-industrial gift wrap on the other!
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