An external concrete staircase: how to make the right choice?

An external concrete staircase: how to make the right choice?

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If the concrete staircase has often been decried for its coldness and the massive aspect of its silhouette, it nevertheless represents an ideal model for an outdoor installation because of its durability, its attractive price, its wide choice of customization and its ease of maintenance. If its qualities are no longer to be demonstrated, choosing a concrete staircase adapted to its tastes, its needs and the specifics of its terrain is not always easy. To help you make your choice and not to make mistakes, the editorial team gives you some practical advice.

Choose the shape of your concrete exterior staircase

Before you start choosing your concrete staircase, you should choose the staircase that will best integrate into the exterior architecture of your home: - The right staircase : less expensive than the spiral or helical staircase, the concrete staircase is also the simplest and quickest model to install. - The turning staircase : consisting of at least two parts, the revolving staircase will be preferred when the configuration of the outdoor space requires it or when it is not possible to install a straight staircase. - The helical staircase : design, the spiral staircase has the major advantage of taking up very little space and not requiring a side wall for anchoring. This solution will be preferred if you want to optimize the floor space.

Determine the cladding of your exterior concrete staircase

Tiled stones, wooded plates, or even weathered paint applied to raw concrete ... you are spoiled for choice! While wood will breathe a warm and cozy spirit into your outdoor space, stone will offer a very aesthetic mineral cachet. If your budget is too tight, choose dye. In any event, if you choose to dress your staircase in concrete, trust your instinct and choose a covering that will enhance your staircase and that will be in harmony with the exterior appearance of your house. If you want to preserve the raw appearance of your concrete staircase, note that its maintenance is quite simple and does not require any particular product. Finally, be aware that the installation of railings or ramps is possible, but it should be particularly careful to avoid certain connections appear on the concrete elements.

What budget to plan?

One of the major advantages of the concrete staircase is obviously its price, much lower than a wooden, stone or metal staircase. For a straight staircase, count a budget between 750 euros and 1400 euros. A spiral staircase will cost you between 800 euros and 1500 euros. More expensive, you will pay between 900 euros and 1800 euros for a helical staircase. Note that the budget will have to be revised upward if you plan to dress your staircase afterwards.

Concrete exterior staircase, mistakes to avoid

If you want to start manufacturing an external concrete staircase, note that its implementation is quite heavy (formwork, pouring concrete, etc.) and therefore requires serious masonry skills. Finally, note that carrying out a structural strength study is essential. Before doing anything, take advice from an architect.