Tutorial: making Christmas balls with fabric

Tutorial: making Christmas balls with fabric

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Tired of the expensive and impersonal Christmas decorations? Then the tutorial of the day is made for you! Christmas balls to make with fabric, to choose the prints you like, in a resolutely patchwork spirit! A super tutorial simple to make thanks to Julie's explanations from the blog La Petite Vitrine. duration : about an hour for 5 balls Cost : around 20 € of supplies


You will need: - polystyrene balls - fabric - ribbon - flat-headed pins - a measuring tape - news: 739781 cutter - scissors - a pen - paper


1. Start by tracing the quarters of your ball. You can help yourself with the demarcation already present.
2. Make cuts in your ball with the cutter, carefully following the lines drawn. Be careful not to make large cuts. The ideal being to be able to easily insert the actu: 739845 fabric thereafter but without weakening the ball (and risking finding it in 2 pieces). 3. Your locations are now defined. You now need a fabric template so as not to cut too much or too little. For this, use your measuring tape to measure the locations on your ball and reproduce them on a paper by imperatively adding 1 cm everywhere.
4. Put your template on the fabric, mark with a pen and cut out. 5. Insert your pieces of fabric into the cutouts using the cutter. If too much fabric protrudes, cut off the excess with your scissors and tuck in the remaining edges.
6. The ribbon will be used to hide the boundaries and create the tie. You will fix it thanks to the pins. A pin at the bottom to fix the masking tape and a pin at the top to hold the fastener.


And There you go ! Christmas balls to your taste, neither flashy nor too traditional and a great way to recycle scraps of tissue!
Thanks to Julie for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your DIY Christmas balls on our Facebook page , and find other ideas on our Pinterest !