Melitta's automatic espresso makers

Melitta's automatic espresso makers

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Coffee lovers will be won over by the new products from Melitta. Whether you like espressos, filter coffees or coffee-based milk drinks, you will love Melitta coffee makers. Today, we invite you to discover these new products, and more specifically two espresso machines that are likely to be on the list for Santa Claus.

Outstanding new products from Melitta

In this fall, Melitta delights us by releasing a full range of new coffee makers. At the editorial office, we fell in love with the two espresso machines: the Caffeo Passione and the Caffeo Varianza. We love their sleek design and new features. The two machines are compact, elegant and offer a coffee full of aromas that will satisfy everyone's tastes.

Caffeo Passione and Caffeo Varianza: two coffeemakers with multiple functions

The Caffeo Passione has a 125g bean container but also a tool called Auto Cappuccinatore which allows you to make drinks with a smooth milk foam. The Caffeo Passione coffee maker also allows you to make personalized coffees thanks to 3 different keys which determine the intensity of the coffee, the fineness of the grind and the temperature of the water.
The Caffeo Varianza is a 100% automatic coffee machine. It stands out thanks to an exclusive function called "My Bean Select". This unique feature offers the possibility of having an individual dosage thanks to a small bean container in the form of a spoon, and thus to vary the coffees, the aromas and the pleasures. The two coffeemakers are priced at € 579, they are guaranteed for 2 years.
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