4 tips to keep the humidity outside!

4 tips to keep the humidity outside!

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Winter is just around the corner and humidity concerns are re-appearing in our interiors. Poor insulation, excess humidity in the bathroom or kitchen, it is important to limit the damage and act quickly! To definitively end with infiltration and condensation problems, here are 5 effective tips!

Tip # 1: Heat without overheating

To best limit the progression of humidity, it is important to ventilate and then heat the wettest rooms. Be careful, however, not to overheat your interior, and not to ventilate and heat simultaneously in order to avoid heat loss. Even if a damp house is difficult to heat, remember that it is better to choose an adequate temperature in each room of your accommodation.

Tip 2: Check the windows

Windows are one of the most important things to watch out for when trying to reduce the humidity in your home. Start by checking their tightness, remake the sealant regularly and repaint them if they are made of wood. Also clean the ventilation grilles of your windows, without caulking them at the risk of promoting air circulation. A damp sponge and a little washing-up liquid and voila!

Tip 3: Fill in the cracks and defects

Cracks and junction faults can cause air or water infiltration. It is therefore important to fill them with a putty specially designed to fill them. Faucet joints, shower tray, frameworks, walls… take a look at it regularly and make repairs quickly!

Tip 4: Use a dehumidifier

By absorbing small excess moisture in the air, the dehumidifier helps maintain a healthy atmosphere. We advise you to place it in the wettest room in the house. Close all doors and windows so that the humidity drops more quickly. Finally, clean the filters regularly so as not to lose efficiency!