The trick to close food packaging

The trick to close food packaging

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We may regularly equip ourselves with sachets with closures and other airtight boxes, there is always a moment when we end up with in our hands a packet of foodstuffs which needs to be closed on pain of rapid deterioration. In this case several techniques are possible. One of them consists, for example, in rolling its packaging around itself, hoping that it will not return to its original shape too much. Others try to use a clothespin to temporarily close the opening. All these D-style solutions are more or less effective and have the advantage of not costing a penny. Unfortunately most often they fail in their task. We generally notice it when the bottom of a drawer is strewn with peanuts or when we crunch a completely softened crisps. The good news of the day is that this kind of mishap will be of ancient history thanks to the bottle trick. This is a trick that I regularly saw passing on Pinterest but that I had never tested at home. It was while preparing a homemade granola that I very happily remembered this technique. I had opened so many packages between dried fruit, hazelnuts and oatmeal that my stock of airtight sachets was not enough. And it was out of the question that I let my hazelnuts go trunk in my closet. Thanks to this system, I was able to close the packaging efficiently and without risk of food spoiling or escaping.

The necessary equipment

The advantage of this tip is that it requires very little material: a plastic bottle and scissors are enough!

Step 1: cut the bottle

Make sure to cut close enough to the neck so you will have more freedom of movement to pass your packaging.

Step 2: pass the packaging through the neck

It is the most "delicate" step but in truth it is as simple as the others.

Step 3: fold the packaging well outwards

For the closure to be possible with the cap, the edges must be folded outwards and not be too thick.

Step 4: close with the cap

A little cap and your packaging is closed! You can shake it, put its head (or rather the neck should I say) at the bottom, nothing is lost and everything can be used again for later!