Chemex, the new coffee phenomenon

Chemex, the new coffee phenomenon

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Much more than a simple consumer product, coffee has become in recent years, a social phenomenon in its own right and is now assimilated to a real art of living. Also, it is tasted today in innovative machines, with a sophisticated design, like the iconic Chemex coffee maker. Zoom on a coffee maker that has not finished making people talk!

An invention like no other

Invented in 1941 by the German chemist Peter Schlumbohm, the Chemex coffee maker with the appearance of an hourglass, wooden neck and leather collar is considered a true work of art. Having become an object in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, its refined and authentic design, its simplicity of design and its neutral materials make it one of the flagship objects of the Bauhaus artistic movement. Today, it is making a comeback in our kitchens!

A quality coffee maker

Beyond its original and atypical design, the Chemex coffee maker today appeals to coffee lovers because of the extraordinary quality of the coffee it produces. A coffee with a very wide and very complex aromatic palette, a rich and tasty flavor partly due to the Chemex circular filters. Much more efficient than traditional filters, they are optimized to quickly filter the grind and retain all the aromas of coffee. In addition, the glass material of the coffee maker avoids the parasitic tastes induced by the plastic materials of conventional filter coffee makers, thus signaling the return of quality coffee.

A wide choice

Seduced by its great ease of use and its retro design? Be aware that many models are available for everyday use such as the classic series, available in three, six, eight or ten cups or the coffee pot with a glass carafe look. But whatever coffee maker you choose, it will make a big splash on your table or in your kitchen.
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