How to maintain your arbor canvas?

How to maintain your arbor canvas?

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Having an arbor is very practical. This structure provides shade in the heart of the garden while delimiting your relaxation area in style. Customizable, the arbor is an asset. To fully enjoy it, it must be maintained. This requires regular washing of the canvas, good maintenance of the wooden or aluminum structure and of course good habits throughout the year. Today, the editorial team advises you on the maintenance of the arbor. How to wash it, detach it and preserve it? Here are our responses.

A well placed arbor

To ensure that the canvas keeps over time, you must choose the location of its arbor. This should ideally be mounted on an open space proportional to its size. It is necessary to privilege spaces where there are few trees so that the canvas is not damaged by the branches.

A manicured garden

To preserve an arbor canvas, you have to take care of your garden. Regular pruning of trees is essential. Particular attention must also be paid to the shrubs and any plants that may adorn the arbor. Having a manicured garden will also enhance the arbor!

A regularly washed canvas

To maintain an arbor canvas, it should be washed regularly. To do this, you must dismantle it and then spread it over a surface where it will not damage it. Sweep the canvas to get rid of its dirt and then wash it in soapy water using a sponge or brush. This will also allow you to overcome more stubborn stains. Rinse the canvas thoroughly then once dry, replace it on its structure.

Overcoming stains

Some stains are not easily removed. Thus, the sap deposited by pines for example must be cleaned using turpentine or alcohol. If your canvas has stains of mold, turn to the miracle lemon juice. Some fabrics support bleach but if this is not the case, the damage can be significant and above all irreparable. It should be noted that once your canvas is detached, it must be washed in order to get rid of product residues.

Put away the canvas in winter

It is rare that an arbor is used all year round. Also, at the end of the beautiful days, it must be dismantled, washed and stored. Once spring, you can enjoy your canvas again!