The new Thermomix has arrived!

The new Thermomix has arrived!

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Everyone knows the famous revolutionary Thermomix TM31 robot. This creation signed Vorwerk allows among other things to mix, weigh and steam. But do you know the brand new robot from Vorwerk? More beautiful, more efficient and above all very high-tech, the Thermomix TM5 is simply fantastic. Want to find out? Here is a presentation.

All in one that revolutionizes cooking

Created in 1961, the Thermomix robot from the German brand Vorwerk is a real revolution for the culinary world. Now present in many homes, it is also installed in the kitchens of great chefs. With the Thermomix, you save time and space. He does everything for us and faster. Thanks to the powerful mixer bowl, you can make sherbets, soups or even whites until stiff in no time. With the Varoma, an accessory for steaming fish, meat or vegetables, you can enjoy dietetic cuisine. Finally, the Thermomix has an integrated balance to make all your recipes successful!

A completely revisited look

The design of the new Thermomix is ​​more rounded, more in tune with the times. What is appreciable since it will impose itself in the sight of all on your work plan. It is now equipped with a very easy to use touch screen. A small wheel on the side of the screen allows you to adjust the speed and duration of your recipes. The capacity of the Guy Degrenne bowl and the Varoma is greater than on the previous one. The knives and the whisk have been reworked to improve the texture of the preparations. The scale is more efficient than the old one since it weighs up to 3kg instead of 2kg. The lid now has an automatic, not manual, locking system, and a handle has been added to the robot. The new Thermomix is ​​therefore more efficient and, it should be emphasized, less noisy.

The new Thermomix TM5 robot a gem of technology

The great revolution of the new Thermomix is ​​undoubtedly the touch screen, it allows the Vorwerk robot to be connected. Thanks to it and the recipe key, you can follow the preparation of your meals on the digital screen and in color. This magnet key on the side of the robot is a brand new system patented by Vorwerk. From your iPhone or iPad, you can connect to the official Thermomix 2.0 application and discover new recipes. Each month, no less than 10 new recipes will be on sale from the platform or application. On this platform, you will also have the "menu planner" function. It can be very useful if you happen to be lacking in imagination for your weekly meals and will also provide the list of errands to run. You will understand, with the new Thermomix, cooking becomes fun. You will not be able to do without it. For more information, log on to the site //
Price: 1139 euros