Jean Paul Gaultier crosses genres for Lelièvre

Jean Paul Gaultier crosses genres for Lelièvre

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For his third collaboration with the brand, the famous fashion designer is creating, this season, a subtle blend between Parisian streets and African lands. When street art rubs shoulders with the colors of travel, this gives "So Metis", a collection of fabrics and decorative accessories with accents of very exotic urban exoticism. Something to wake up your interior! Rich in elegance and terribly wild, the prints oscillate between the classic codes of the designer and more unexpected or even disturbing patterns. By combining with the quirky spirit of Jean Paul Gaultier, Lelièvre rightly sets itself apart from the current world of furniture. Happy interbreeding! The designer dresses - again - your house with style but always with as much fantasy. Small overview.

Patchwork and jumbled effect of blue jeans

Gathered in a beautiful photographic interpretation, denim cloth clothes, all loose, form a striking trompe-l'oeil. Linen and cotton twill reinforces this textile illusion. A beautiful covering for seats or curtains, also available in other colors and in a less noble fabric for the cushions.

Bursts of color

Ideal for seats, this fabric is a real tachist explosion, closely linked to the abstract movement of the 40s. On a fake skin, very soft, this "arty" wink to the famous drawing board, known worldwide, is available in five colors. Make your choice !

Omnipresent black and white

Again, Jean Paul Gaultier uses his talent as a trendsetter. Confusing combinations, its famous marinière is sublimated by a sprawling design, the pavé print is decorated with floral patterns, country spirit, and the tag cushion, emblem of the collection, very raw, softened by the touch of velvet. Street art is thus magnified, for an illusion and a confusion of styles, "black and white" spirit.

African inspiration

The boubou is here completely revised and corrected for a disproportionately "couture" version. A very heterogeneous montage where the scrolls overlap in a graphic game. Suede as a support, perfect for covering a bench, and its warm colors are the elements that make this fabric the most remarkable of the collection.
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