What security accessories for my portal?

What security accessories for my portal?

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Securing a motorized gate is an obligation that meets European standard EN 13241-1. This was put in place to protect users of motorized gates but also motorized garage doors. The marketed gates are equipped by default with numerous accessories guaranteeing the safety of users and people who are nearby. It is also possible to obtain other accessories to optimize the security of a gate. What are these accessories? The editorial staff responds to you.

Photoelectric cells

A photocell can have several functions. It allows automatic lighting of a light source, a gate or even a garage. On a motorized gate, two photocells are required. These are mounted face to face and ensure the detection of an object, an animal or a person in the opening area of ​​the gate. This detection cancels the closing of the port.

The flashing light

Motorized gates must be equipped with flashing lights. These warn users and people nearby that the portal will come into action. The flashing lights come on a few seconds before opening and remain on a few seconds after closing.

The lighting of the area

In addition to the flashing lights, the gate opening area, also called the travel area, must be perfectly lit to ensure everyone's safety. To optimize lighting, permanent lighting and more intense automatic lighting must be provided. The automatic lighting will be activated by a photoelectric cell.

Manual controls

An electric gate must have manual controls. These allow you to take control of the gate in order to proceed with its opening in the event of an accident or electrical failure. The manual controls of a motorized gate must be easy to access and above all accessible to everyone, even people with reduced mobility.

The backup battery

Motorized gates can be fitted with a backup battery. Its role is to take over in the event of a power failure. It therefore makes it possible to ensure the proper functioning of the electric gate at all times and above all to ensure the safety of all people nearby.

The mirror

Placing one or more mirrors around the gate opening area, or deflection area, makes it easier to maneuver. Visibility is improved as is the safety of people nearby. Placing mirrors also prevents damage to the motorized gate.

Editorial advice

If you want to buy one or more accessories for your motorized gate, make sure that they meet the standards. All accessories must have CE certification. Do not go into the pose if you do not feel capable of it. Calling in a professional makes it possible to guarantee installation, to optimize everyone's safety and above all to be insured in the event of an accident.