How to restore a shine to a raw wood parquet?

How to restore a shine to a raw wood parquet?

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Cleaning and maintenance of rough parquet

Some solutions are essential in the maintenance of solid parquet: black soap, Sommières earth, linseed oil and turpentine will easily remove grease stains that may have encrusted in your parquet over time . It is essential to clean up any dirt that may appear on your floor as quickly as possible. If the stains have not been removed quickly, you will need to take more radical actions in renovating your solid parquet.

Repair and repair

If your parquet has been damaged over the years, you will need to restore it either by plugging in the slit, or by performing a good surface scraping with a painter's knife. However, you will need to brush vigorously to remove all the dirt and scratches accumulated on the rough parquet. You will not need to have professional equipment to renovate your raw floor: screwdrivers, brushes, rags and sponges will be your best allies in your renovation project!

The sanding phase

If your rough parquet has not regained its youth of yesteryear despite these first operations, sanding will then be necessary. It is quite easy to rent floor sanders today and at very low prices. Two golden rules are essential to facilitate the sanding of your parquet: go in the direction of the wood and do not stay too long on part of the floor at the risk of damaging the wood. You will also have to proceed in two phases, first using coarse sanding bands and then finer grit in the final step. Your turn now ! You will not be disappointed with the time spent reviving your solid parquet.