What plants and flowers to choose to create a beautiful garden quickly?

What plants and flowers to choose to create a beautiful garden quickly?

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What a great project to acquire a garden! Pleasant moments of relaxation and many hours devoted to embellishing it to wait ... But in the jungle of plant beauties, from old varieties to new cultivars, the hard part is to make a selection: what to choose to create a beautiful garden quickly , and that it be sustainable too? We will guide you on a few basic varieties, with decorative and fun bonuses! The first plantings in the garden bring hope, and also represent the future of your outdoor space. The objective is to give an impression of soul even if you have just invested in the garden - whether that of a recently purchased house or a new construction. To get a nice result quickly, the very first advice of landscapers is to select a majority of plants that keep their leaves over the seasons: persistent. And on this basis, you can then select plants and flowers with a particular advantage: intoxicating, greedy, particularly aesthetic, climbing… Planting them early will give them the time necessary to grow: you will thus obtain pretty chubby groves after a few years! Ask about the size of the adult plants, in order to reserve the space they will need to grow at their ease!

Persistent and colonizing plants: the basis for an ideal green space

In the footsteps of Pierre-Alexandre Risser, specialist in city gardens, always start by planting hydrangeas, miscanthus, aralias and aralias ivies, bamboos ... "Robust species, which are pleasant in many gardens whatever the region, require little maintenance and grow fairly quickly, explains the landscaper. It is a question of planting to have a garden with dense vegetation in just a few years. "

Also start already climbing ivy on the walls to create a plant blackout, planting a few pots of helxine in the sparse lawn or in a sad yard to perfect a carpet 'moss effect'. And also plant some oaks ('Quercus') and maple trees (there is a fabulous range!): Beautiful subjects that will become pillars of your garden.

Decorative and fun plants: they give life to your garden

The second step, always with the idea of ​​choosing easy plants for a new garden, consists in adding fragrant, climbing, aesthetic and / or gourmet plants. - Scented plants such as honeysuckle, osmanthus, star jasmine, Mexican orange tree (Choisya ternata), dogwood with flowers, sarcococca which flowers and perfumes the garden ... in winter and which also has evergreen leaves . - Climbing plants such as honeysuckle, clematis, climbing rose ... - Aesthetic plants such as maple, rosebush and magnolia. - And in terms of indulgence and originality, we love the advice of Linda Louis who recommends planting a raspberry tree in your new garden! To the question "what to plant first?", The author of the book 'Berries and berries' (Editions La Plage) answers without hesitation: "Red fruits! Raspberry feet and other berries of your choice!" What an advantage from the first summers, to be able to pick them directly out of your kitchen! Without forgetting this argument of Linda Louis: "Many gardeners have the reflex of thuja or cherry laurels to form a vegetable fence. Only here, if these shrubs allow the birds to hide or establish their nests, they do not form in no way a defensive and nourishing hedge (for them as for us) and does not fit into a biodiversity approach. So, before considering any planting in a new garden, think 'fruit trees'! I think first of all of raspberries: almost maintenance-free, like strawberries. I recommend going back varieties to have them all summer long. "

Our 3 favorite plants for your first year in the garden

- A rosebush: The rosebushes are a whole world in the world of the garden, so the first sure value that you can choose, recommended by landscapers and gardeners, is the Ghislaine rose from Feligonde. Robust, it is adorned with many pale orange flowers and can become, after a few years, an emblematic shrub in your garden. - A maple tree: 'The Guide to easy-to-grow plants' (Editions Rustica) indicates: "The maple trees offer the gardener an incredible diversity and an unequaled palette of decorative assets, from small Japanese maples with finely chiseled foliage to large imposing maples , often very spectacular in autumn when their foliage ignites. Some are distinguished by a decorative bark, others by their flowering between late winter and spring ". To be planted first in a large terracotta pot (enameled in blue or brilliant green for the decorative side and to highlight its red fall foliage), then in the open ground, if you think you have determined its final place, in October or March-April. - A magnolia: "This elegant flowering shrub, (…) combines a magnificent white spring bloom with purple pink, generally before the leaves", can we read in 'The Guide to plants easy to grow' (Editions Rustica) . It will become a star of your garden in a few years!
So much for the foundation of your first year in the garden! These plants will quickly give panache, fragrance and color to a brand new plot or to refresh. And if you still have a little time to devote to it at the arrival of the summer, you can then decorate it with 'bonus' in pot: ligustrums in stem, boxwood that you can eventually prune, at the end of a few years, and make your first attempts at topiary art. Also think of the plants that grow quickly: a grove of perennials and aromatic herbs (thyme, basil, coriander, lemongrass); Hollyhocks along a wall, gauras, ferns… They will have an effect in just a few weeks. Finally, owners of large gardens, give yourself time to reflect on how to continue structuring your outdoor space. It will improve over the years and your gardening desires. In the meantime, enjoy it from the first year!