Tutorial: make a bag for gym mat

Tutorial: make a bag for gym mat

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Elle Frost is above all the journal of a fashion addict! Looks, favorites, inspiration, She shares her love of fashion, but also of DIY with beautiful and original tutorials. Today, it is for a super practical do it yourself that we find it, a bag for gym mats. perfect for our good back to school resolutions!


You will need: - news: 739845 fabric and / or fine leather (to be able to use the sewing machine) - 2 to 2.5 m of cord - thread of the same color as the news: 739845 fabric - a special leather needle for the sewing machine - a safety pin - a rotary knife or knife & scissors - a chalk & a meter - paper clips or “bulldog” pliers for leather - pins - a sewing machine


1. Mark the news: 739845 fabric with chalk according to these dimensions: - a circle 4 cm larger than the diameter of your rolled carpet - a rectangle as wide as the circumference of the cut circle + seam about a third of the height of your carpet + seam allowance - a rectangle the same width as the first rectangle + seam two-thirds the height of your yoga mat + 30 cm Then cut the news: 739845 fabric following these circles.
2. Attach the bottom rectangle to the top rectangle. On the upper edge of the bag, fold 12 cm of actu: 739845 fabric on itself, wrong side and sew two horizontal lines that stop 1.5 cm from the vertical edge, to create the envelope around the cord .
3. Sew the vertical edges together. Leave an open space between the two vertical lines of the envelope made in step 2. Use the drawing pliers with scraps of leather underneath on the leather parts to maintain everything without damaging the part.
4. With the help of a safety pin, insert the cord into the tightening envelope.
5. If the leather is too thick, add an addition at the end of the news: 739845 cord fabric.
6. Sew the hoop and the cord to the bottom of the bag. It is best not to use drawing pliers here.

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And There you go ! You are now ready to go to the gym with your bag, much easier to transport and much more fun!
Thanks to Elle Frost for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your custom gym mats on our Facebook page, and find more ideas on our Pinterest!


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