How to choose a waterproofing product?

How to choose a waterproofing product?

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Answer: the choice will depend above all on the element of the house that you want to waterproof.

Exterior walls and floors should be treated with waterproof sealant. This product is suitable for all porous non-cracked materials (concrete, stones, tiles, etc.). Do not forget to wash the surface well before applying the sealant. No moss or lichen should remain. Regarding wood, there are three solutions: oil, stain or microporous paint. The essence of the wood and your own aesthetic taste will determine the best of these choices. You can also waterproof your furniture (sofas, carpets, armchairs). You will easily find on the market waterproofing and anti-stain products whatever the material: leather, wool, nylon ... The products offered are in aerosol or liquid form. Prefer the latter, a little more expensive, but which allows a regular and deep installation of the waterproofing. You can also choose to make your own waterproofing product with liquid latex.