Find all your decor at a low price thanks to the Casa site

Find all your decor at a low price thanks to the Casa site

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Casa - specializing in decoration accessible to all - is undoubtedly one of the most popular brands. At Casa, no media fuss, but ideas and strong values ​​such as an excellent quality / price ratio, a large choice of products. In other words, Casa makes it a point of honor to satisfy its customers. With more than five hundred stores open to date, the inexpensive but always trendy decoration specialist inspires confidence.

Birth of a brand

The first Casa store opens in Ottignies, Belgium. We are in 1975. Its founder, Karel Govaert - then roaster at the head of a food products company - had developed a system of gift stamps that customers could then exchange for decorative items. It was from this concept that the idea of ​​opening stores for decoration was born. In 1988, the Casa brand was bought by a Belgian group, Blokker Holdingen. It was this same year that France saw the opening of the first Casa store. Today, the national territory has 267 Casa stores, and the brand also has many stores with our European neighbors.

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Casa equips the whole house

Casa products are clever and fill the desires of young and old. From decorative objects to tableware, from lighting to bed linen, they are always in trend. Casa is also a range of essential kitchen utensils such as the whipped cream siphon, baking dishes or pasta machines. But may garden enthusiasts be reassured: the brand has thought of them by offering garden furniture, outdoor lighting as well as seeds and plants. Casa also does not forget our four-legged friends by offering a range of accessories dedicated to dogs and cats.
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Never out of ideas

Each month, the pioneer of discount offers new ideas, always related to the season. Whether in interior design, furniture, gift ideas or linens and always at a tight price, there is something to draw inspiration from Casa. Decorate the house for Christmas, prepare a festive table worthy of the most select places, redesign the child's bedroom for the start of the school year, make the bathroom a place of relaxation and well-being thanks to the multiple scented candles Casa and targeted accessories: the choice is there. Everyone can find the original gift or useful object to their taste.

A range of articles to discover online

Casashop is the Casa online store, ideal for drawing up a shopping list and obtaining promotional prices. For the time being, Casashop does not yet allow you to place an order via the net. Everyone can print their wish list and drop it off at the nearest Casa store. A good way to quietly discover storage furniture, armchairs, chairs, tables and many accessories for all rooms of the house.

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