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. AQUARYL MAT Matt appearance paint based on acrylic resin in aqueous phase. Indoors for the decoration of common building supports (plaster, plasterboard with cardboard skin, cement and hydraulic coating, wood and non-tannic derivatives.) Good filling power; Great whiteness; Fast drying ; Certified Green Zone Excell; Ecolabel certified in white and shades. UNIKALO Building paint manufacturer To find our nearest showroom: [email protected] Tel. :

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. The QUINTET solid oak parquet choice PRN 100% eco-certified PEFC brings design and warmth to the master bedroom. Center Bois Massif, family business based next to the Tronçais forest in the heart of France, the only manufacturer of 100% PEFC French oak parquet has presented you with the 20mm QUINTET choice PRN solid oak parquet, 100% eco-certified PEFC French oak. With a width of 210mm, a thickness of 20mm, it is posed in glued or nailed pose. The choice PRN is a first choice with sapwood, which gives it all its originality, combining the patchwork effect of the small blades composing it with the wide blades effect created by the chamfers. You can find it on our online sales site: as well as information on our blog: This massive multi-plank parquet allows a very fast installation (in 3 planks we put 1,1m2 ) and brings a very original design. It is presented here in a 2-layer oiled version in our workshops. The Quintet PRN parquet was glued with the AB2000 Blanchon ecological glue, the only FCBA approved glue for very large solid parquet floors. The plinths are 14mm PR choice butted plinths You can install our parquet floors yourself, or call on our certified installers! You could see on the screen one of our best specialists: Philippe Couton, ABC du Parquet company : in Bourges, it is with him that we carry out the most improbable and magical sites in France! SOLID WOOD CENTER Address: 330 route de Saint-Amand 18210 Saint-Pierre-Les-Etieux Tel: 02 48 606 607 Mail: [email protected] Ecru loft rug 160x230: MY BEAUTIFUL MAT Website: @: [email protected]


. A corner bookcase: This whole bookcase is made with a plain "Basalt" decor for doors with a thickness of 19mm and a fancy decor "Lin de Cancun" with a thickness of 30mm. 1.20m by 1.20m long and 2.50m high. All doors are fitted with invisible hinges with integrated shock absorbers. ARCHEA "LES AS DU PLACARD" // A network of 53 stores spread across France with over 25 years of experience in tailor-made. French manufacturing Tel: E-mail: [email protected] CHAZELLES wood stoves: SOLSTICE & EQUINOXE Combining technology and tradition, the Chazelles SOLSTICE and EQUINOXE wood stoves offer natural and economical heating with maximum safety and performance. Compact and cylindrical, these two stoves combine design and efficiency. In cast iron, they offer a nominal power of 8 kW for cleaner and environmentally friendly combustion. With a small footprint they offer an optimal vision of 180 degrees on the fire. Two variants are possible: standing (Equinox) or with log holder (Solstice). Dimensions (WxHxD): 515x1140x420 mm CHAZELLES POUJOULAT accessories Installation: Stoves installed by the team of our BEL AIR dealer in Rambouillet. Infrared heaters Based on an innovative concept proven for over fifteen years, in addition to the Rhine, this system artificially recreates the sun's rays inside the rooms to be heated, without the drawbacks. KLM Concept authorized distributor INFRANOMIC Heating by infrared radiation, a real technological revolution that will guarantee you comfort, aesthetics and energy savings at the same time telephone: 03 88 71 43 99/06 72 70 96 71 mail: [email protected]


. 138050 Gray mirror "Arpège". 60 x H. 101 cm FAMILY COUNTER AQUARYL IMPRESS Universal printing based on acrylic resin in aqueous phase. Indoors on common building supports (plaster, gypsum plasterboard, cement and hydraulic plaster), bare or coated with old adherent paints in good condition. Avoids traps on heterogeneous backgrounds, Upholstered, Contains a corrosion inhibitor, Ecolabel certified. O2 MAT Matt paint based on acrylic resin and polyurethane silver in aqueous phase. Indoors for high-end finishing decoration, usual building supports carefully prepared (plaster, plasterboard with cardboard skin, cement and hydraulic coating, wood and non-tannic derivatives). Beautiful stretched appearance, Washable: Class 1, No recovery, Available in all Microcolor Evo shades, Improved gloss resistance compared to a traditional mat, Ecolabel certified in white and shades. Colors produced for the show: Aneries, Dragon, Taxi Brousse UNIKALO Building paint manufacturer To find our nearest showroom: [email protected] Tel. : Tables Letter to Pauline Viardot Autograph from Pauline Viardot Letter to Pauline Viardot ART.FR


. 1 JARRY mattress in 158 x 198 -100% perforated latex 1Upholsterer in 158 x 198 x 12 Tano NATION BEDDING Nation Literie, Artisan Litier since 1946, designs and manufactures high-end bedding in Picardy. Mattress, box spring, bed frame, headboard, trundle bed, trunk bed and much more. All products are made with noble materials: solid wood, editor fabric, natural materials. In classic or custom sizes. You can find all the products in the 8 Nation Literie stores in Paris and the Paris region. Plain duvet cover in pure stone washed linen BENSIMON color Off-white Synthetic microfiber duvet 500g / m² Sélènia An ultra soft and warm duvet with a beautiful braided finish and a nice vague quilting. Synthetic microfiber pillow SELENIA soft comfort Excellent value for money for these very soft and naturally breathable microfiber pillows. Bensimon pure linen stone washed plain pillowcase An exclusive collection for 3 SUISSES: the plain stone-washed Bensimon plain linen pillowcase… Bed linen with a “used” look for this quality line with beautiful tones… 3 SWISS Facebook: // Set of 2 Contemporary Dark Gray covers EMINZA is a site specializing in the decoration of furnishing fabrics. Fancy a new decor while staying on trend? offers you a wide choice of articles to create the ambiance of your dreams at home. This season, Eminza has selected for you modern and colorful but also soft and light atmospheres: City atmosphere (London and NY), Floral atmosphere, Nature and Zen atmosphere, Seaside atmosphere, Africa atmosphere, Mountain atmosphere…, also discover our special selection for teens and the LuluCastagnette collection. And if you don't have time to design your decoration, helps you and offers you associations: a duvet cover with curtains and cushion for your bedroom, the tablecloth with the seats of chairs , custom rugs and curtains, curtains for the kitchen,… - The Natural Linen "Lynx Fur" plaid, as my name suggests I am an imitation of the fur of a lynx in 100% polyester, and my coffee color with milk makes me irresistible! I am very sweet and very warm, so see you very soon! Find me here [email protected]
Matt black grommet curtains Fabric: 100% Polyester "weave" type fabric, reference Bellini greige THEVENON For references, addresses & contact, and reseller: CURTAIN RODS Collection Créaforge curtain rods Ø20mm Curtain rod ends Black lacquered ball: Adjustable supports for curtain rods Ø20x100mm black lacquered: Black lacquered steel curtain rods: Ø20: SECODIR DECO


. Gx Lock windows PVC ALTA joinery, light gray exterior and cloudy interior color; equipped with a handle in a sleek, revolutionary wave design that opens and closes with one finger. GROSFILLEX Aluminum sliding shutters (Alufrance) The interest of the product: An aesthetic very close to a "classic" Iron shutter with perforated leaves which fold back into a table. Alufrance louvers are ideal for replacing iron louvers on old buildings. • Virtually maintenance free : unlike an Iron Louver, Alufrance Louvers require very little maintenance, made of Aluminum, they do not rust and are protected by a layer of baked powder paint… They do not all need to be repainted 2 years! a sponge once in a while is enough. • Comfort in use : The Alufrance shutters slide on rails and fold in on themselves to facilitate their handling and not to get your fingers caught when closing! Where to find them: Make a request on the site and we will put you in contact with the installer near you who markets this product and controls its installation. FRANCE CLOSURES Interior door Actuality ACT H model, Pin d'Orégon finish, The most produced: • invisible hinges • magnetic lock • aluminum inserts • opening 44 mm thick Available as standard in European standards, made to measure, under renovation on existing frame. IDI JOINERY Visit our website // or contact us at: 09 67 07 07 21


. 138810 "Pearl" chest of drawers. 80 x 40 x H. 96 cm 143200 Striped fireside chair "Maison d'hôtes". 53 x 71 x H. 76 cm FAMILY COUNTER Linen padded headboard: This 160 cm headboard is padded with a linen fabric for a romantic bedroom, brand Amadeus, free delivery by Grenier de Juliette THE ATTIC OF JULIETTE tel: 09 67 34 94 72 mail: [email protected]


. Material cylinder suspension , transparent laminated. Sold with electrification French manufacturing Dimensions: H19 / D45cm E27 / 100W incandescent. Color: glitter shine Also available in 9 colors COREP company creator and manufacturer of lampshades and decorative lighting. Manufacturer of French lampshades in Bègles near Bordeaux (33) You can find our products in most DIY stores. More information on 123630 "Céleste" lamp base. H. 146 cm 134810 Lamp base "Les Sculptés". D. 16.5 x H. 47 cm FAMILY COUNTER Turned wood floor lamp, rosewood color. Gray linen lampshade, gathered with knot. 170cm Bulb E17 EMDE, framer since 1937, aims to dress your walls and embellish your interior with a decoration "French charm" We only sell to professionals, to buy our products, please find the list of our partners and resellers at // White floor lamp (LW19005-BLANC): floor lamp in white patinated iron with fabric shade. Can be put in a living room, a bedroom, landing room ... We like his foot worked column way THE HERITER OF TIME We sell via our e-commerce site and two stores in Paris and Provins. // Find our site dedicated to professionals:


. Medici vase COMING B // Facebook: // Instagram: // 114520 Plate "Ecusson" D. 26 cm 5773 Dessert plate "Ecusson". D. 21.3 cm 5767 "Ecusson" teapot 115 cl: 5768 Pair "Ecusson" breakfast cup. 75 cl 142930 "Maison d'hôtes" cushion. 40 x 40 cm FAMILY COUNTER Candles PARTYLITE Leader in home sales of scented candles and decorative accessories Facebook: // Twitter: // Youtube: // Bird cage (LW1095-square) : Square cage in brown patinated iron to place or to hang as desired. We like its square and worked shape. Can be arranged inside and outside. Product available in other colors. Practical side: opens from the top or the side. Wooden kitchen tray (LW1117-pm) : Top in aged patinated pine and brown iron handle. This product is available in different sizes. Pinecone Ears (LW12124) : Lot of 2 pine cones in anthracite gray iron. To be placed as a decoration on a piece of furniture or as a cob on a roof. Good quality product and very worked. THE HERITER OF TIME We sell via our e-commerce site and two stores in Paris and Provins. // Find our site dedicated to professionals: 1 bouquet of white roses WORD OF FLOWERS Facebook: //