This is not an ice cream cone

This is not an ice cream cone

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Beware of pretenses! Do not dare to bite your teeth into this mouthwatering ice cream, where you might leave some canines in the adventure. Inspect this strange object again and you may understand why it's better to postpone your ice cream tasting until later. I am sure you have now understood the usefulness of this ice cream cone. It is indeed an ice cream scoop as shown in the photo below. Far from the traditional all stainless steel spoon and a little cold, this new kitchen utensil from the Birambeau brand plays on illusion and fantasy. Impossible to mistake the function of this object!
Capable of creating pretty well-calibrated balls, it also allows you to see in advance the effect it will have on the real cornet. We bet you that this ice cream scoop will become the essential ally of your ice cream maker. Scoop of ice cream, Birambeau, € 6.90


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