A personalized dining room with the Volcani table

A personalized dining room with the Volcani table

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Notice to all lovers who want to compose their dining room exactly to their tastes, and thus, make it unique. Thanks to the MyFly personalization program, launched by Fly in 2013, it's now possible! For a dining room that looks just like you, Fly presents Volcani: 1 dining table for 9 possibilities.

Volcani: the MyFly table

Sofa, desk, chair, bookcase… and now a table! With its MyFly program, Fly invites you to play the decorative customization card to bring life to the interior of your dreams. With Volcani, Fly allows you to create a table that looks like you and that best suits your dining room and your tastes. How? 'Or' What ? Thanks to 3 models of trays and 3 models of legs that you can freely associate to create YOUR Volcani table.

Volcani: a modular table in two stages

First step, choose one of the 3 models of round trays with a thickness of 10 mm: the tempered glass model with central aluminum circle, the model covered with stone imitation polyurethane, with a raw appearance or the elegant model. white lacquered. Second step: choose the conical base in aluminum and iron that best suits your interior, between the model covered with aluminum and the two white or black epoxy lacquered finishes. Volcani thus offers a total of 9 possibilities, enough to create the table that really looks like you.

Volcani: a design table with a pop spirit

Design at will, Volcani makes us fall in love at first sight. In addition to its soft and rounded lines, it is its conical base, which evokes the tulip foot of the pop years, gives Volcani its very seventies silhouette. As comfortable in a contemporary living room as in a vintage dining room, Volcani also offers the conviviality expected from round tables. It is now up to you to create, modulate and personalize the table of your dreams!

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