What colors to choose for an exotic wedding decor?

What colors to choose for an exotic wedding decor?

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Travel enthusiasts and lovers of exotic destinations, you think you will place the happiest day of your life under the sign of a change of scenery and, thus, make it an unforgettable event for you and your loved ones. You are full of ideas but do not know in which directions to go? Do not panic, the editorial team unearthed for you 4 inspirations, between pastel tones and more tonic colors, which will go perfectly with your exotic wedding decor. And now let yourself be guided.

Between pastel shades and Tie and Dye

Who says exotic marriage, says desire for elsewhere and escape. So what could be better than beautiful Japanese balls to illuminate and enhance the reception hall, without forgetting the dance floor? The editorial team found a decorative tip just for you ... To create an airy atmosphere, you just have to install a sky of Japanese balls by multiplying the models, between small and large format. As for colors? We opt for pastel colors suitable for daydreaming, all in the Tie and Dye trend to give relief and volume to the room. You like ?

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Gradients of green and blue

Here is a table decor that makes you want to go elsewhere ... For a wedding table right in your exotic theme, play the color card by focusing on two exotic shades as desired: anise green and emerald blue. And to perfect it all, bet on a plant decoration, by adding a few palm trees, expertly scattered in the reception room but also outside. Change of scenery guaranteed!

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Plum and warm tones

Other colors to adopt to embellish an exotic wedding: a sustained plum, associated with warm tones, like beige and taupe, which go very well together! In terms of decoration, multiply the arbors and other fabrics, ideal for recreating a tropical atmosphere.

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Decorative objects in green tones

And to perfect your table decoration and dazzle your guests, opt for decorative objects, available in green tones. From a restful water green to a trendy emerald green, passing by a more vivid or Caribbean green, choose your small decoration while always having your theme in mind. Here are a few favorite ideas to inspire you with these candles in the shape of small cacti and these miniature sea bottles, perfect for dropping your thanks.

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