The return of graphic wallpaper

The return of graphic wallpaper

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As you know, after having suffered a certain disavowal a few years ago in favor of painting, wallpaper is making a comeback. No wonder, the designers are full of imagination to offer us wallpapers that are always easier to install and above all always more original. If you like a slightly unusual decoration, you will be enthusiastic about these new graphic and design collections perfect for spicing up and giving character to a room.

A wide variety of models

Geometric zig zag, revisited floral patterns, stylized tracery, 50's patterns re-invited, varieties of colors, 3D effects or surfaces… graphic wallpaper is available in a thousand and one ways to create a unique universe in the home.
No need to adopt a total look to boost your decor. A strip of well-chosen wallpaper is enough to transform the space and give character and pep to a room.

A nice alternative to traditional wallpaper

In a living room or bedroom for an atmosphere conducive to escape, in a corridor or toilets to boost the decoration of these too often impersonal spaces ... wallpaper with graphic patterns fits into any room and is literally adapts to all universes. As functional as it is aesthetic, it really has everything!
Dressed in pictorial patterns in 3D, it will energize your room for example by playing on visual perception. A solution of choice when you want to "enlarge" a space at a lower cost. Ideal for alternating between softness and originality, the wallpaper with floral patterns will create a refreshing and poetic atmosphere. Less expensive than traditional cement tiles, you can also opt for a wallpaper imitating this pretty coating. Old-fashioned charm guaranteed!