Sarah Lavoine reveals her decorative and lifestyle secrets in Thus be style

Sarah Lavoine reveals her decorative and lifestyle secrets in Thus be style

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After a first successful book published in 2010, Sarah Lavoine signs today So be style , a book full of decorative tips and good addresses, but not only ... To find out more, don't wait any longer and devour this exclusive interview with the famous interior designer.

Five after the release of your first book, Sarah Lavoine Interior architecture , how the idea ofSo be style did it germinate in your mind?

I wanted a more personal book, which reflected my vision of the art of living, beyond my work as an interior designer. If the decoration of an interior transforms it into a haven of peace, it is also full of little things that make you feel good at home, with family, with friends, in your skin ... For me, well-being is to these little things that seem unimportant and yet essential: the family photos beautifully hung on a wall, the colors that bring life to an interior, the rules of politeness, the outfit you choose in the morning, the places where you feel at home… I have put it all together in a book to share with readers the tips and tricks that I learned and developed through my interior architecture projects but also over my life…

How long did the writing of this work last?

We had a very tight timing! Imagining and designing this book was an intense adventure, in which I immersed myself entirely for three months. Today I can say that this limited time finally allowed me to return So be style even more personal because so spontaneous.

What was the creative process like?

I already had a very precise idea of ​​the book I wanted to write. I wanted it as mixed as possible, very illustrated (I love beautiful photos and drawings) and full of useful and fun advice.

How did you choose the people who supported you in developingSo be style ?

I worked with my lifelong friend Véronique Philipponnat who helped me realize and organize my ideas and desires. We surrounded ourselves with journalist Danièle Gerkens for the writing. It was also logical that part of the team working with me on the Maison Sarah Lavoine brand participate in the project since they know by heart my way of working and my vision of the art of living.

Living room, kitchen, attic, hallways, entrance, bedroom, bathroom, dressing room, children's room, balcony, terrace ... One room seems to have been left out, the office. Why ?

For a very simple reason: I always work at my agency, never at home. I don't want to mix my working hours with the moments I spend with family or friends at home. I already spend a lot of time on the phone and on my emails that an office would cut me off from all social life! So, not being used to working at home, I never imagined giving advice with which I am not familiar.

Finally, after your lovely collaboration with Ressource paintings and your book ... What are your plans for 2016?

2016 is going to be a rich year! The new elements of my collection were presented during the last edition of Maison et Objet, at the end of January, my collaboration with Monoprix will be on sale in April, my new 5-star hotel will open its doors in my neighborhood, in Paris, in June. And some other collaborations will be announced very soon…
So be style , at Éditions de La Martinière, 26 euros