Outdoor staircase: how to maintain it?

Outdoor staircase: how to maintain it?

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Weather, frost, heat, stains ... our outdoor staircases are put to the test all year round. To maintain them, several cleaning products and techniques exist and apply depending on the materials. Whether in stone, concrete, wood or metal, you will learn how to brighten up your exterior staircase and maintain it for the long term.

Outdoor stone or concrete staircase: the manual brush with metal bristles

If weeds have grown between the steps, pull them out, not forgetting the roots that nestle at the joints. Then get a high-pressure cleaner, the only tool that will remove encrusted dirt and foam. Be sure to start cleaning at low pressure, so as not to damage the seals, then gradually increase the power on the most dirty areas of the steps. If the dirt clings and resists, then a manual wire bristle brush should be used. Then, if possible, allow your staircase to dry for a day or two without remarking on it.

Exterior stone or concrete staircase: plug holes and cracks

In the case of a stone or concrete staircase, cracks may appear over time. Dig a couple of inches around the damaged area, then brush off the dust. Moisten the area then apply a primer. Then come and apply leveling mortar, specially designed to fill even small holes. Smooth and flatten everything and, finally, remember to cover the whole with a tarpaulin for at least three days. It would be a shame if the rain wasted your DIY efforts.

Exterior wooden staircase: saturator and microporous stain

The exterior wood is fairly easy to maintain, but be sure to maintain it once a year, preferably after winter. The accumulated impurities can transform your staircase into a dangerous skating rink. You can start by cleaning it with a brush and soap and then sand it superficially. Then apply a cleaning product. Indeed, under the effect of UV and bad weather the wood tarnishes, or even gets gray. We advise you to choose a saturator, a kind of liquid resin which gives beautiful colors to the wood. If your staircase is very damaged, use a microporous stain in aqueous phase which lets the wood breathe, protecting it.

Outdoor metal staircase: a high-pressure cleaner

A metal staircase can become dangerously slippery when it is covered in impurities. Molds create fine films which make it slippery. Start by cleaning it with soapy water. Often built in stainless steel or galvanized, you will have noticed that these staircases however require little maintenance. A high pressure cleaner will remove any dirt. For the more picky, you can use a special creamy steel product to restore shine to your steps. However, metal outdoor staircases often have a mat finish to avoid this kind of stress.