Before / after: classics revisited in a Parisian suburban apartment

Before / after: classics revisited in a Parisian suburban apartment

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It is not always easy to project yourself into an apartment when it displays a completely obsolete look and configuration, as in this 3-room apartment located in Ivry, in the Paris suburbs. The owner wanted to rethink the interior as a whole, highlighting the beautiful natural light and the old architectural elements. He therefore called on the agency My Interior on Measure (MISM), which imagined new living spaces surrounded by a very personalized style. Explanations in pictures.

Mix & match at the show

Before : When Tonjé, the owner of the premises, presented his new real estate acquisition to the architects of the Mism agency for the first time, the scope of the task was considerable. The living room, although very bright, displays an old-fashioned style and little conducive to receptions. The volumes are spoiled by a semi-open interior wall which divides the double living room into two without any utility, either architecturally or decoratively. On the floor, a floating floor was laid in two different directions, without concern for harmony ... There are many poor choices in terms of fittings and unfortunately damage the potential of this beautiful living room.

After : Radical change in the living room! The first wish of the owner being to be able to benefit from a unique living room, spacious and friendly, the useless partition was knocked down. Light can finally circulate throughout the room and the interior design is greatly facilitated by this new configuration. On the style side, the choice fell on a mixture of shabby chic and industrial pieces, creating a very successful mix & match atmosphere. The high brightness of the living room is attenuated by the black painted parquet floor. The beige of the walls and the white moldings bring softness to the general atmosphere. This revisited classic style is reinforced by the integration of a Haussmann-style marble fireplace, the centerpiece of this new living room!

Classic style in the bedroom

Before : The room is lined with beige paper on the walls and some carpet on the floor. The set is in good condition but the charm is completely absent from this room with a very mundane look. After : The new bedroom is dotted with chic and classic details, such as the velvet quilted headboard or a wallpaper with stylized patterns. We fall in love with this semi-classical, semi-contemporary atmosphere that invites calm and restful nights.

Total makeover in the bathroom

Before : This blind room does not really invite you to relax with its dated furnishings and the omnipresence of brown tiles. A facelift is needed! After : The architects of the Mism agency, in agreement with the owner, opt for a new decoration with very contemporary accents. Once again, black and white are chosen as the main colors for the whole room, attenuated by a dimmer that allows gentle awakenings during the morning toilet. The layout has been completely redesigned, now incorporating storage and a towel dryer that was previously missing in the room.

Black & white toilets

Before : Everything has to be done again in the apartment toilets, which are unsanitary and poorly designed. With dilapidated floors and walls, an apparent water heater that blocks access to the toilet bowl, the room is hardly welcoming… After : The window is removed and the wall moved to shrink the surface of the toilet in favor of that of the kitchen. The new decoration is sober and contemporary with a dominant of black and white tones. We love the new cement tile floor and the metro wall covering! More info on My Custom Interior: