How I saved my wallet: the wedding decor

How I saved my wallet: the wedding decor

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Are you a few months away from your wedding and there are still a thousand things to do on your list? Do not panic ! The editor launched this week in search of decorative items at low prices to combine business with pleasure and give you a little boost! Towels, sugared almond jars, light fixtures… let yourself be inspired!

Soft and colorful atmosphere in the reception room

The wedding season is fast approaching and here is already the final stretch to settle the last details. If you are still wondering what accessories will illuminate your reception room, we have the solution! In a retro spirit, we obviously suggest the tavern garland with colored bulbs. If on the contrary you have opted for a lighter decoration, it is towards the Chinese paper balls that you should turn. Do not hesitate to play the accumulation card by varying the sizes and colors for a very graphic rendering! You can also run large strips of fabric (liberty or color block for example) along the walls to bring a nice touch of color to the decoration of the room. To be in the trend, we also advise you to install a lemonade bar in a small corner. For this you will need a pretty glass drink fountain and paper straws in soft colors and graphic patterns. The "candy bar", or stand dedicated to sweets, has also been in vogue for a few years: take care of its presentation by arranging your sweet treats in attractive flecked containers: vintage effect guaranteed!

The tables set the tone!

On the table, we play with simplicity by adopting small candle jars that we install by the dozen to create an intimate and warm atmosphere. Floating candles, placed in large cups filled with water, are another alternative to illuminate the table gently. In the same spirit, you can surround transparent glass containers that you will dispatch on your table or on the windowsill with lace or a colored ribbon. Also mark the name of your guests on pretty tongs covered with slate, which will certainly create a surprise when your guests discover them ... In the plates, the geometric patterns are once again part with napkins with the patterns of your choice: graphic shapes, realistic prints, naive designs… ¨all eccentricities are allowed provided the table reflects your personality. Finally, we don't forget the famous photobooth! Whatever decor you choose, you will need funny accessories to entertain your guests. Mustaches, beret, cardboard glasses, bubbles to fill with a tender or funny message ... let yourself go on the originality, your activity will be all the more successful!
1. Light garland € 96.83 La Redoute / 2. 20 pink printed paper napkins € 3.59 Party and reception / 3. Decorative candle blue floating ball € 11.51 La Redoute / 4. 10 rolls of jute ribbon 30 , € 07 Amazon / 5. Pink metal tealight € 3.99 Party / 6. 20 blue striped straws € 4.80 Eat well / 7. Banner garland € 36.96 Amazon / 8. 6 white slate mini clips 3 , 34 € Axho / 9. Lemonade fountain 24.90 € Delamaison / 10. Pack of photo booth accessories 9.99 € Disguise yourself.