My decorative shopping for Scandinavian cuisine

My decorative shopping for Scandinavian cuisine

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What if you succumb to the "Nordic way of life"? The trend, already present in our interiors for several seasons, now crosses the doors of the kitchen where it declines its bright and refined spirit. Between pastel colors and natural materials, the Scandinavian style is once again asserting itself as the essential winter trend!

Choose the right furniture and accessories

Far from the punchy colors and sophisticated materials, the Scandinavian style gives pride of place to wood and neutral tones. Exit lacquered paints, vitamin palettes and contemporary furniture, make way for nature! As for styles, you have several choices: Nordic atmospheres available in rustic country version or in a more contemporary way, it's up to you to choose the style that best fits your interior. In northern Europe, the kitchen is first and foremost a living space where you can find yourself with family or friends, it is therefore essential to look after the decoration! If your kitchen is spacious enough, you can place a small dining table (white or raw wood preferably) and chairs with mismatched bars, typical of Nordic interiors. Between vintage furniture and more modern accessories, do not hesitate to integrate some emblematic pieces, dear to Scandinavian design: a String Pocket shelf, a Normann Copenhagen pendant lamp or even House Doctor boxes. Use very graphic lines and patterns, pastel colors and especially white, the star of Swedish interiors!

Colors and materials

It is no longer a secret, wood is THE darling material of Scandinavian interiors. It is available as well through the accessories as on the credenza or the furniture. Be careful though to use it sparingly so as not to fall into the chalet / rustic atmosphere. The basis of a Scandinavian decoration based on the use of essential elements and without frills, bet on simplicity. Whether it's colors or materials, favor handcrafted objects, simple shapes and raw materials. In Nordic kitchens, families do not hesitate to display their jars, pretty pieces of dishes and various accessories: do the same! On the palette side, the neutral tones are kings, surrounded by white and why not a touch of black. You can look for inspiration in the pages of Scandinavian designers (Madam Stoltz, Ferm Living, House Doctor…) who are full of pretty kitchen accessories: a smart boost to imagine your own universe!
1. Bodum bread box € 43.12 Amazon / 2. Hermetic box € 8.90 Auchan / 3. Carla Dot Bloomingville plate € 21.94 Amazon / 4. Suspension or Asymetric House Doctor € 99 La Redoute / 5. Planche à cut Hübsch € 55 Decoclico / 6. Biodegradable wooden spoon € 78.16 Firplast / 7. Kastrull saucepan € 14.99 Ikea / 8. Bloomingville cooking scale € 37.20 Amazon / 9. Jimi table € 337.25 La Redoute