Before / After: A new veranda to rejuvenate the house

Before / After: A new veranda to rejuvenate the house

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This pretty country house has many advantages: a beautiful surface, a calm and green environment ... and a veranda. Unfortunately, the latter is dilapidated and unmarked. Its long design harms the overall architecture of the house and gives it a "packed" air. It is in response to this problem that the Vérand'Art agency intervened to replace the existing one, by imagining an architectural project sublimating the exterior as well as the interior of the building. Result: a completely reinvented veranda offering more than 45 m2 and a breathtaking view of the environment.

New plans to rebalance the exterior

Before : When the Vérand'art architects make an initial inventory of the house, they immediately become aware of the architectural and thermal problems associated with the existing veranda. The latter was integrated into the house several years ago, and its materials are now completely obsolete: drafts and humidity seep into the home, making the room uncomfortable on a daily basis. The owners are cold during the winter, and the room is completely overheated during the summer! Vérand'art's expertise is therefore called upon to remedy these various problems. The architects recommend a new, more harmonious construction, made with advanced materials: the glazed part will be built with Guardian double glazing with reinforced thermal insulation, including a burglar-retardant system. The glazing of the roof will consist of Pasol double glazing with reinforced thermal insulation, with solar control and self-cleaning system. After validating the plans for the future veranda - a flat roof model with a skylight and a pediment with two slopes - the work can begin!
After : The new architectural achievement is in perfect harmony with the house, to which it gives a real facelift. With reinforced thermal insulation, this time it offers a huge living room with optimal comfort. The owners have chosen to install their new living room under this huge glass roof, with a dining area and a second space dedicated to relaxation. To delimit them, a XXL tree stands majestically behind the sofa. This plant sculpture, similar to driftwood, echoes the outdoor vegetation and adds to the originality and beauty of the whole! As soon as the front door is crossed, the veranda gives the astonishing impression of plunging into the garden, as if it had entered the house, the sight is so striking! The living room now features a very sleek design, which leaves the spotlight entirely on the garden and the adjoining terrace. It is on the kitchen side that the owners wanted to open up the space, with one constraint however: the concrete cornice bordering the house and the desire to make it a real extension of the house.
Thanks to meticulous masonry work, the veranda is now an integral part of the house and naturally takes part in the original structure. To complete this beautiful construction, the owners have completely redesigned the terrace and added an outdoor jacuzzi: an indoor / outdoor unit in total harmony, which promises beautiful summer days!
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