An apartment composter?

An apartment composter?

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Compost is made from green, and therefore natural, waste. It is then used as a fertilizer in the garden but also as a fertilizer for indoor plants or planters located on your balcony. If the idea is still quite innovative in France, home composers are multiplying. They are no longer reserved outside but now take place in our kitchen.

Reduce kitchen waste

Even with care (cooking in the right proportions or cooking leftovers for example), it is inevitable, we accumulate a lot of organic waste, and this daily. Since these are not recyclable like glass, cardboard or plastic, consider transforming them yourself instead of disposing of them. To do this, harvest and set them aside to form compost. With the help of bacteria, worms and other small microscopic animals, your plant waste will decompose and will form (after about six months) a nutrient for your soil. You will then make a gesture for the environment but also savings in fertilizers and trash bags!

Choosing the right waste

Not all garbage can be composted, although the vast majority can be. Put in the compost the peelings of fruit (except those of lemon or orange) and vegetables, bread, cheese, wilted flowers and green plants, coffee grounds, tea or even eggshells. If you have a garden, you can add dead leaves or freshly mowed grass. Keep in mind that the diversity of your waste will make the quality of your compost. On the other hand, sick plants, poultry bones, oysters or crustaceans and litter from your pets are to be banned.

Having a composter at home

Depending on the number of people in your household and what you plan to put in the compost, you will need to plan a larger or smaller bin. You can buy a composter in store, make it yourself or opt for a small green waste bin. Either way, you will need to be able to stir your compost regularly to aerate and moisten it. Install the bin preferably in your kitchen, so that you can deposit your waste there more easily, or on your balcony to avoid unpleasant odors.