Tutorial: customize your headphones with wool

Tutorial: customize your headphones with wool

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Ah knitting, once you've tasted it, you can't help but think that each object would be even better dressed in soft wool! And because the cables of our headphones are not always very pretty, that over time they have gone from white to gray, we are going to learn how to customize them today: 739827 wool!


- headphones - several balls of yarn - news: 739825 crochet Budget: around 5 € Duration: 2 hours


1. Tie a knot at the edge of the jack, then begin to wrap the cable around with tight stitches.
2. Connect the woolen thread to that of a second color. For this, you have the choice between two possibilities: - tie a knot in order to have a clear separation (first separation on the photo); - make a few stitches with the two threads in order to have a softer separation (second separation in the photo). Repeat the operation.
3. At the cable separation level, use the second technique by making several stitches with the two threads, before continuing on each side with a different thread.
4. Continue the tight stitches by winding the cable up to the level of the earphones. Finish with a knot at the headphones by hiding the wires. Our tip: at the remote control, make meshes in the air to leave a free space at the buttons.


There you go, you just customized your headphones for three times nothing! You just have to plug them into your phone wrapped in its crochet pouch! Music, Maestro!
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