Tutorial: a braided pearl necklace

Tutorial: a braided pearl necklace

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Today, we are not going to teach you how to create a simple necklace for which you have to be content to thread a few pearls on a wire. For that, we consider you capable of achieving it without us! No, we will rather teach you how to create a necklace that is just as simple to make but much more fun to wear: a braided necklace!


- flat pliers - cutting pliers - a box of pearls - cabled wire - a 40 cm golden chain - a screw clasp - two rings - six knot covers Budget: around 15 € Duration: 2 hours


1. To begin, cut six 25 cm pieces of cabled wire. Put it in pairs and tie a knot at one end of each pair.
2. Thread beads on the pieces of yarn in each pair and finish with a knot at the other end.
3. Then attach a knot cover at the six ends.
4. Cut the chain into two 20 cm pieces, then attach the screw clasp.
5. Attach a ring to the other two ends of the chain.
6. Attach the three pairs to the ring of one of the two pieces of chain.
7. Braid the three pairs, then tie them at the other end with the second piece of chain.


Like what, a pearl necklace can also be modern and original! You can have fun making variations by integrating, for example, a pendant in the middle! It's your turn !

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