How to care for your vegetables?

How to care for your vegetables?

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Like many French people, you like to garden and cook good products. So you have chosen to grow your vegetables. Having a vegetable garden is as good for health as it is for morale, especially when the harvest is good. How to make a success of your vegetable patch? How to care for your vegetables? To find out, we took advantage of the Angevin market to meet producers. And it was René who took the time to answer us and above all to give us valuable advice.

Can we all have a vegetable patch?

Yes, we can all have a vegetable garden, even if our garden is small or if we do not have a garden. In all regions of France, you can find a plot to grow your vegetables. Some elderly people even offer the use of their vegetable garden in exchange for a few vegetables. If you have room anyway, the question does not arise. Get started!

How to make a success of your vegetable patch?

You have to be careful about what you want to grow and what you can grow. Growing vegetables requires taking into account the seasonality and needs of each plant. Some take up space, others require more sunshine or more water, some are grown in a greenhouse ... I often recommend making vegetable plots and gathering vegetables according to their needs more than by family. So you can place a square in the sun, another in the shade, one sheltered from the wind and a greenhouse.

How to properly maintain your vegetable patch?

By going there regularly. The most common mistake is to be left behind and give up growing vegetables during the season. Too bad ! A vegetable garden is maintained on a daily basis. You should water your vegetables and remove the weeds several times a week. You must also make sure that your plants are not affected by insects, gastropods or even by diseases.

If so, how do you proceed?

Do the biggest by hand and then go for natural methods. You can for example use certain plants to protect your vegetable garden like nettle, dandelion or even garlic. These act as insecticides and antifungals. You can also use everyday products like coffee grounds which helps fight aphids and slugs or baking soda which helps fight parasites and weed.

How to harvest vegetables?

Harvesting is done in several stages. You need to go to the garden regularly to pick up ripe vegetables. If some vegetables have rotten, remove them and throw them in the compost or save them to make a fertilizer. Wash your vegetables and store them in a warm room away from light. If the harvest has been good, freeze your vegetables, make jars, etc. You will benefit from the vegetables in the garden longer, saving a lot of money.


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