De Dietrich oven 2.0

De Dietrich oven 2.0

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On the occasion of the Paris Fair in April 2015, the household appliance brand De Dietrich launched its first connected oven. A new smart object, but for what use? answers you.

Impressive technology and functions

There were wedding planners for weddings, today De Dietrich inaugurates the "wedding four", that is to say an oven that organizes your dinner for you. This new kitchen appliance replaces a housekeeper and a star chef at home. Thanks to an application (available on smartphone and tablet), the oven has a ton of information necessary for a successful dinner. There are in particular a plethora of functions. We, at the editorial staff, love the "invitation" function which records your friends' files in the application to remind us of their tastes, their food allergies, and the recipes already served. It also allows you to send a personalized invitation card and even a reminder of the address to your guests. The other function that caught our attention is "shopping list" which allows you to put yourself in the shoes of a great chef. De Dietrich did not do things by halves and surrounded himself with the best to develop this technology, including chef Pierre Gagnaire, elected "greatest starred chef in the world" in 2015. You can follow his recipes and manage your shopping with the possibility of ordering food online or geolocating the right addresses to find specific ingredients. Of course, you will be advised a list of wines to associate with the chosen dishes. Another advantage and not the least. The oven handles cooking like a big one. If the chef said cooking at 250 ° for 20 minutes and then cooking at 150 ° for 30 minutes, he will change the temperature on his own. Grand!

Extras of the De Dietrich connected oven

The application also offers tips for setting your table well and even creating a playlist to spend the best of evenings! It is possible to operate the oven remotely thanks to the deportation of the screen on our phone and to monitor the cooking of our preparations. Unbeatable practicality! This gadget even has a price: 1600 euros.
The De Dietrich connected oven will be available in black, stainless steel and white Compatible with iOS 8, iPhone, iPhone Plus, iPad Model DOP1190GX : 1,600 euros More info on //