DIY children: make a small articulated rabbit

DIY children: make a small articulated rabbit

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Are you looking for a simple and fun activity to do with children? We suggest you make a pretty little articulated rabbit to assemble and decorate. It's the perfect activity for spring, especially since it requires little equipment and little time!


- A rabbit-shaped template (to download here) - A sheet of card stock - Parisian ties - Felt-tip pens - Scissors
Budget: less than 5 euros Duration: 20 minutes


1) Cut out the template…
… To get the different shapes to assemble.
2) Draw the outlines of each cut out shape on the sheet of card stock.

You get this result No need for the contours to be perfect, you can even let your child do this step (you will catch up by cutting). 3) Box cutting again: this step is more delicate, it is better to carry it out yourself to avoid misfires.

All the pieces of the rabbit are there 4) Using a point of the scissors, pierce the shape of the body at the locations of the limbs, then pierce the shapes of the legs.
5) Now let's go to the assembly stage: superimpose the corresponding shapes then slide a Parisian tie into each small hole and attach it.

Unfold the Parisian ties so that everything fits well
Here is your assembled rabbit! 6) Once assembled, your little rabbit is ready to be decorated. All you have to do is let your child express his creativity!
We must now give a face to this white rabbit


And here is a new playmate for your child! Besides being cute, it is fun since it moves. By adding string to the back, this little rabbit can also be used as a playful puppet.
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