All about ecological maintenance of your pool

All about ecological maintenance of your pool

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Whatever its surface, the classic swimming pool must be maintained regularly to guarantee its longevity. It also helps protect users from bacteria, viruses and other annoyances. However, chemicals can have a negative impact on people and the environment. It is therefore better to opt for ecological maintenance of your traditional swimming pool. Algae or sand filtration, pool cleaning robot and chlorine alternative products are very popular solutions.

Filter pool water in an eco-friendly way

The maintenance of the classic swimming pool necessarily involves filtering the water. Used for several years, the diatom filter, micro-algae, is a solution as ecological as it is effective. As for the sand filter, it is the most used today, whether in the private sector or in the professional sector (hotels, holiday villages, camping, health centers).

Eco-friendly swimming pool filter with marine micro-algae

It is a high-end filter based on the principle of organic chemistry. In fact, microscopic fossilized algae, called diatoms or diatomites - which are used in the composition of diatomaceous earth - are used to filter the pool water. This is none other than silicon dioxide. Efficient and ecological, marine micro-algae are also economical. Commonly used as an insecticide, diatomaceous earth is an environmentally safe pool filtration system. Placed in a tank filter through which the pool water passes, the diatomites - excellent in terms of filtering - retain all the impurities. The diatom filter is ideal for pools of less than 50 M³.

A sand filter for the pool

Perfect for small and large pools, the sand filter is part of the range of ecological maintenance solutions for swimming pools. Effective for filtering viruses, bacteria and various dirt, this economical filter is a solution particularly appreciated by private pool owners. The sand in the filtration system should be changed every four to five years.

Robot and active oxygen for ecological pool maintenance

Filtering the water in the traditional pool does not mean that the bottom and walls of the pool need not be cleaned. A household task that can be entrusted to a pool cleaner robot. To complete the action of the pool robot, you can ecologically maintain your traditional pool using active oxygen without chlorine, therefore non-irritating to the eyes and skin. It helps combat the installation of algae, has an anti-lime action and stabilizes the Hydrogen potential (pH) of the water. It is fully compatible with diatom filters and sand filters. Pool maintenance products with active oxygen also manage to neutralize rust and lime while respecting ecosystems. They therefore represent one of the best solutions for protecting the metal pipes of swimming pools. Their duration of action is approximately twenty days. Their effectiveness is constant, whatever the weather conditions and the intensity of use of the classic aquatic basin.