Before / After: Transform a bedroom into a bright and design bathroom

Before / After: Transform a bedroom into a bright and design bathroom

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The dwellings built at the start of the 20th century have the particularity of favoring living rooms (living room, dining room, bedrooms, etc.) to the detriment of the kitchen and the bathroom. The individual toilet space, as we know it today, is a recent invention that looks nothing like the bathrooms of yesteryear! In this beautiful apartment in the Monceau district of Paris, the former owners have chosen to keep their old bathroom, small and not very functional. When the apartment is bought by a young couple, the latter immediately decides to build a beautiful bathroom, bright, well thought out and spacious enough to move around at ease. The site is entrusted to the Texier & Soulas agency, which realizes in the space of a few weeks a superb bathroom bathed in light.

Dealing with technical constraints

Before : When Sophie Texier and Emilie Soulas visit this large Haussmann-style apartment for the first time, they quickly realize that nothing has been changed in years: the electricity, the configuration of the rooms, as well as the decoration, have remained frozen in time. The new owners want a large family bathroom, in which everyone can relax. The current toilet space is in fact very small and not very functional. After an in-depth study of the site, the two interior designers decided to delete one of the bedrooms - which the couple did not have the use of - to transform it into a bathroom. There are many technical constraints, because you have to make the water connections without distorting the original architectural elements! The founders of the Texier & Soulas agency also decide to modify the accesses leading to this new toilet space: the three doors being too many, the two young women opt for the condemnation of two of them in order to facilitate future development of the room.
After : When the work comes to an end, the changes made are significant! Sophie Texier and Emilie Soulas achieved a great technical feat by transforming this old-fashioned room into a magnificent bathroom, modern and bright. The room completely takes the opposite of the Haussmann style by displaying a fresh and very refined style: the water green walls blend harmoniously with the light wood of the cupboards as well as the white tiles placed on the floor. In agreement with the owners, the architects opt for an iridescent mosaic on the walls, which has the advantage of reflecting outside light while bringing freshness to the room. The latter is now composed of a generously sized straight bath, a shower cabin closed by a glass door, as well as a double sink framed by two rows of cupboards. All the storage units have been designed without handles for the sake of aesthetics and discretion. The cupboards placed at face height are fitted with mirrors and surmounted by several designer sconces. The architects have given pride of place to the simple lines and the nobility of the materials: the new bathroom is zen while being practical ... the bet is amply successful!

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